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Key Fundamentals To Tennis

Tennis can be complicated and hard for a beginner to pick up. Here are a few fundamentals which can help you win your first tennis game!

1) Footwork

Footwork is arguably one of the most important skills in tennis. Good Footwork can help you get from place to place faster and ensure that you're well-positioned for the ball. You can improve your footwork by practising footwork drills.

Some of our favourite drills include:

  • Spider Drill

  • Speed Ladder Drills

  • Lateral Bounds

2) Accuracy

Accuracy is another important aspect of tennis. It helps ensure that your shots are accurate and go where you want them to. Having good accuracy allows you to target the ball towards areas that might be difficult for your opponent to reach.

Similarly to Footwork, there are drills that help you improve your accuracy.

3) Spin

Spin is used by every tennis player. As stated in the name, spin helps to spin your ball in a certain direction. Different types of spins cause the ball to react differently. For example, a ball with topspin would descend quickly and bounce higher while a ball with backspin would stay lower and fly slower. Having good spin control can be the edge you need to win matches.

4) Positioning

Positioning allows you to conserve energy and reach the ball quicker. Many players tend to forget about positioning while in the midst of an intense game. One simple rule of thumb is to return to the centre of the court after every return.

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