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Life Of A Junior Tennis Pro

Many people often struggle with managing their work-life balance. This is especially hard for youth athletes as they are required to attend school, complete homework and assignments, study for tests all while training hard to compete on the top level.

In this blog post, we will be going through the daily life of a junior tennis pro and showing you the dedication and commitment it takes to go pro.


Youth athletes often wake up especially early to train. Some might wake up as early as 5 am just to get some training before school. They usually start the day with a carbohydrate filled breakfast. This provides them with energy for the day ahead.

At around 6-7 am, these athletes usually prepare and head to school. They usually spend around 6 to 8 hours in school.


Some players choose to train during their lunch break. They might head to a nearby court to work on drills or even have a quick tennis match. Others might choose to head to the gym to get some weight training in.

After school, the youth athletes usually spend a period of time completing their assignments, homework or studying for an upcoming exam.


After they've completed all of their work, they would most likely eat dinner before heading off to do more training. They might spend this time hitting with friends or continue to do drills and exercises. After that, they would head home and end their day. These youth athletes tend to sleep early in order to ensure that they have ample rest for the next day.

Through this blog post, we hope that you've gotten more insight into the tiring day-to-day regime of a junior tennis pro and see the dedication and commitment it takes to go pro.

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