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Yoga lessons @ havelock

The Arrow Fit yoga programmes are developed to offer affordable, focused yoga and stretching classes. We run our group classes at Havelock. Our experienced instructors also conduct classes at our clients' places too.

Our yoga instructors are extremely passionate not just about Yoga, but also about teaching others their skills in the right way. With years of experience in teaching yoga in Singapore, our certified instructors will be able to provide great guidance to all our students in their journey to bring their Mind and Body together.


The Hatha Yoga and Stretching classes are catered to everyone who wants to start their journey in Hatha yoga, or wants to learn proper stretching techniques that improve muscle flexibility.

We have partnered with Tiger Kids Singapore to host the classes at Havelock. Our humble studio is a great place to conduct yoga classes. We provide essential equipment required for sessions, including yoga mats, yoga blocks and yoga belts.


Classes offered

Hatha Yoga Group Classes

Stretching Group Lessons

Family Yoga Lessons

(Parents & Kids)

Ladies Only Group Yoga & Stretching Lessons

Private Yoga & Stretching Classes

Yoga & Stretching Lessons at Your Residence


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