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train to win


train to win tennis classes - Advanced tennis class (juniors)

A partnership between Arrow Sports and Aguda Tennis, the Train to Win Tennis programme is a performance tennis programme in SG available to kids and teenagers who demonstrate exceptional tennis skills and game sense.


Intake for both group classes and private classes are extremely selective and competitive, and are normally only available through recommendations from Arrow Sports or other coaches. 

Aguda Tennis offers private & group tennis lessons in selected locations across Singapore for advanced-level players who have already begun participating in tournaments, have developed basic strokes and techniques, and want to develop advanced tennis skills along with mental focus.


The class environment is highly competitive and is suitable only for kids who have already developed a positive interest in tennis.

Aguda’s teaching methods have been carefully crafted to teach tennis in the best, most efficient way possible to create sharp, focused tennis players in Singapore.


With a vision to produce players who don’t just play tennis physically, but with intelligence and emotional resilience alongside technique, Aguda’s main focus is to maintain the balance in training by providing the right amount of technique, fitness, and mental skills in each student’s learning curve.

*All tennis classes conducted by Aguda require try-outs and recommendations from Arrow Sports.


Kindly note that slots are subject to availability and are extremely competitive for both group and private lessons.

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