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Training for aspiring tennis coaches

Are you a good tennis player who wants to be a professional tennis coach? Fret not - we provide coaching training and in-house certificates for aspiring tennis coaches too! 

Through our Tennis Coaching Course helps train tennis players to become tennis coaches. We also offer on job training as well as full-time/part-time employment opportunities when you complete and pass the course.

Training for tennis coaches in singapore

Tennis coaching course

our Certifications

  1. Good tennis players with no tennis coaching experience

  2. Tennis players with little tennis coaching background

  3. Certified tennis players who want to improve their tennis coaching skills

  4. Tennis coaches who are keen to learn different techniques and methods in tennis coaching

  5. Basically anyone who plays tennis and wants to try tennis coaching!

Coaches training sessions to improve coaching skills
Course types

​To become an Arrow Tennis Coach, you will need to pass a minimum hitting level to qualify for the course. Your starting level of coaching depends on your hitting level and overall tennis experience (both playing and coaching). Based on this evaluation, you can join these classes:

  1. Learn to Play Tennis Levels 1 to 4

  2. Learn to Compete Tennis


Level 1:
Red ball

Training to teach kids under 16. Tennis players with no coaching experience will start here after passing an initial evaluation.

Level 2:

Coaches who pass level 1 and complete 20 hours of on job training will proceed to level 2. Training will continue on teaching kids under 16.

Level 3:
Green dot

Coaches who pass level 1 & 2, and completed 20 hours of on job training for level 2 will proceed to level 3. Training to teach adults (beginners) will be introduced.

Level 4:

Coaches who pass levels 1 to 3, and complete 20 hours of on job training for level 3 will proceed to level 4. There will be a final evaluation for coaches to pass the LTPT course.

Learn to Compete

For advanced level players with some coaching experience. Need to pass initial evaluation to take this course. Focuses on training to teach intermediate to advanced level kids and adults.

our tennis Coaches
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