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learn to compete Tennis

At Arrow Tennis, we provide learn to compete tennis lessons for kids, and tennis lessons for adults. We have affordable tennis lessons Singapore. We cater our private tennis coaching Singapore to accommodate kids tennis classes and adults tennis classes.
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learn to compete tennis lessons

Our LTCT Juniors and Adults tennis programmes are suitable for intermediate to advanced level tennis players who have passed the LTPT 4 assessment.


LTCT classes are highly competitive as students begin their journey towards training for tennis tournaments and competitions.


Learn to Compete Tennis Juniors who show remarkable improvement and skills will be offered the opportunity to try out for the Aguda Tennis Train to Win Tennis programme at the discretion of Arrow Sports.


Likewise, LTCT Adults may be offered the opportunity to join our LTCT advanced level tennis classes at the discretion of Arrow Sports. 


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Learn to Compete Tennis Overview
Learn to compete tennis private lessons for intermediate tennis players and advanced level

Intermediate- Advanced level
Private Tennis lessons

Learn to Compete Tennis private lessons are suitable for intermediate level to advanced level tennis players who prefer personalised, focused tennis lessons with added flexibility and privacy. 

  • Do private lessons follow the tennis syllabus (LTPT, LTCT, TTW)?"
    Yes. All lessons, including private tennis classes, will go through the tennis progression syllabus. which means assessments will be done too.
  • Can I learn tennis privately with a friend or family?
    Yes, of course! All prices stated are for 1 pax only. For additional persons, you will be charged an additional $10 per pax per hour. Our classes are capped at 4 persons to 1 coach.
  • If my friend does not turn up for a private lesson after we make a booking, will we still be charged the additional $10/person/hour?"
    Yes. No refunds are allowed.
  • Are court fees included in the private tennis lesson rates listed?
    No, court booking fees are not included. All court bookings will need to be made by the student after a coach is confirmed. Please note that Arrow Sports will not be liable for any booking cost reimbursement under any circumstance.
  • Will I definitely be allocated the coach that I have requested for?
    It depends. If your preferred coach is available at your requested location/day/time, then yes. If they are not available, we will try our best to allocate your next preferred coach(es). If none of the timings provided work out, don't worry! Our customer service team will be in touch with you to find a suitable slot for you!
  • Are private tennis class trials free?
    No, only paid trials are available for private tennis lessons.


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