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Training Bag Essentials

Ever wondered what you should bring to your tennis training or matches? Here are a few essentials we can't live without!

1. Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are essential in providing comfort and grip on the court. Without the proper footwear, you will not be able to perform as well and can possibly risk injury.

2. Rackets

You can't play tennis without your rackets! We suggest bringing multiple rackets to the court. You never know what can happen on the court, your strings might break or lose tension. These swap-outs prevents a premature end to your session!

3. Grips

Your grips might get worn out over time. Worn grips might be uncomfortable and affect your performance. We recommend bringing 2 to 3 overgrips to ensure that you stay comfortable on the court.

4. Towel

An intense session of tennis can generate tons of sweat. This can make you uncomfortable and therefore not perform as well. A towel can help absorb the sweat leaving you dry and comfortable.

5. Medical Supplies

Accidents can happen on the court. You should bring along some plasters, creams and ointments to help ease the pain on the court.

6. Hydration and Nutrition

Food and water are essential during any tennis match. We recommend bringing food or gels for energy and a big bottle of water!

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