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Type Of Tennis Courts In Singapore

Hard Court

Considered as the standard court for tennis players around the world, Hard Courts are widely available and used. Typically created from asphalt or concrete, hard courts allows your balls to bounce higher and more predictable. Ball speeds on hard courts tend to be faster than clay courts but slower than grass courts.

Hard Courts are common and can be found anywhere from Community Centres to country clubs or even your void deck!

Grass Courts

As seen during the Wimbledon Championships, grass courts are slippery and hard to play on. This surface allows for the fastest ball speeds and minimal bounce due to the soft and uneven surface of the grass. Additionally, when it is wet, grass courts can be slippery and hard to manoeuvre through. These characteristics help favour players with a good serve or net players.

Grass courts can be found in Singapore at multiple locations. Some locations are Savitar Tennis Centre, Singapore Cricket Club and many more!

Clay Court

As seen at Roland Garros (French Open), Clay Courts tend to slow down the speed of the ball and cause a high ball bounce. Additionally, Clay Courts are slippery and can be hard to run on. Clay Courts favour baseline players and players who generate heavy spin like Rafael Nadal, "King Of Clay".

Clay courts can be found in Singapore at the Savitar Tennis Centre, Fairmont and Tanglin Academy.

We hope that through this post, you learn more about the different surfaces you can play on. Why not visit these locations and try out the surfaces for yourself!

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