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Tennis Hitting Partner

Coach Daniel sparring with a partner

Want someone to hit with?

Need a tennis specialist to practice rallying with? Someone to train your tennis strokes with? Our tennis sparring partners are an excellent choice if all you want to push yourself on the court and challenge your skill level with someone who matches your standards!

why choose a hitting partner instead of our programs?

If you are an intermediate or advanced level player who is looking to play matches and participate in tennis competitions, choosing a tennis hitting partner may be more helpful than joining a group class or even a private class. Our hitting partners are trained to challenge your potential so you can improve yourself simply by immersing yourself in a tennis match situation where you have to play against an opponent.

Tennis hitting partner | Tennis lessons in singapore

Whether you want to practice specific strokes, or just warm up before a match, Arrow will find a suitable tennis hitting partner to meet your needs on court and spar with you on par with your level. Tennis hitting partner services are also more affordable than private tennis lessons as the sessions are not meant to be a tennis class, but rather a matchplay session for tennis players to stimulate a tennis match where they are playing with an opponent.

Simply submit a request below for a tennis hitting partner, and our friendly customer service representative will be in touch with you within 3 working days to find the most suitable tennis partner from Arrow to suit your level. Please note that since most of our hitting partners are tennis coaches, sessions are subject to both court and coach availability.


NTRP up to 4 - $80/h

NTRP above 4 - $100/h

No registration fees. Minimum 3 days notice required. Please take note all sessions are subject to the availability of courts (for public locations) and/or hitting partner. Court fees not included.

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