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About Coach Selan

Coach Selan is a passionate and experienced tennis player.

His 12 years (and counting) of experience playing tennis has made him a knowledgeable tennis coach who knows the ins-and-outs of mastering the game of tennis.

Being a graduate from International Sports Academy (ISA) with a diploma in fitness, he also has an extensive background of fitness.


  • STA U12 Age Group

  • STA U14 Age Group

  • STA U16 Age Group

  • STA U18 Age Group

Apart from participating in competitions, he would occasionally play competitively with coaches within Arrow Sports.

Coaching Experience

He has had 2 years of experience coaching tennis students of all ages and skill levels.

Apart from being a tennis coach, he also does multi-sports coaching for Arrow Sports as well.


Coach Selan has attained an Australasian Academy of Tennis Coaches (AATC) level 1 coaching certificate.

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