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Get to know Coach Jarod

Coach Jarod is an experienced tennis player who has been playing tennis since young.

About Him

  • Favourite Player: Roger Federer

  • Longest Rally: 84 shots

  • Style of Play: Various shots

  • Favorite shot: Approach shot


He has had the opportunity to represent his secondary school, St. Andrews in a tournament in 2007.

In 2010, he then represented Temasek Polytechnic in the POLITE tournament. He also joined various other age-group tournaments and inter-club tournaments.

Coaching Experience

From 2008 to 2012, he coached part-time for Bingo Tennis as an assistant coach. Afterwards, he joined Arrow Tennis for 2 years where he is now one of coaches.

Coaching Approach

Coach Jarod's teaching style focuses around helping his students have fun learning tennis while simultaneously strengthening their fundamentals.

He also gears his students up to eventually develop their own personal style of playing tennis.


He has attained a Level 1 Coaching certificate from the Australian Academy of Tennis Coaching (AATC).

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