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Are Private Tennis Classes Worth It?

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Do Private Classes Justify For Their Cost?

Private classes can be very, very expensive as compared to group lessons. And more often than not, this is the first consideration for students who choose group lessons over private lessons, especially for a sport like Tennis that already seems to come with a hefty price tag. However, what most of these students do not realise is the magnitude of benefits that a private tennis lesson provides within the same time frame as a group class.

In fact, one study has shown that around 80% of people have mentioned that private sports lessons have made a big difference in their lives. After attending private lessons, they realised a huge improvement in their own athletic performance. In this article, we will go through some of the reasons why private tennis classes are most beneficial for those looking to start in the sport or go competitive.

Still between the fence on whether you should go for private or group tennis classes? Fret not and read on!

Private one-on-one tennis class for a child.

Here are 5 reasons why you should sign up for private tennis lessons:

Reason 1: You will get to enjoy a personalised guide

Compared to group tennis lessons, private tennis classes allow coaches to review the areas where you might be struggling in more closely and customise each lesson to help you out in said areas. Private classes enable tennis coaches to also show you how you can develop your own approach or style that will optimise your match play. This allows you to enjoy a personalised, closely guided tennis class that covers everything you might not understand or need more practice in, giving you the opportunity to have a more effective learning experience.

What's more? Private sports classes are ideal for flexibility! From timing to frequency, you have more control over when and how often you want your class to be. This also adds on to better coordination and understanding between you and your tennis coach as they will be able to plan and execute the most optimal lessons each time that will give you the best pathway for improvement.

Reason 2: Private lessons allow tennis coaches to identify and enhance your athletic performance

At times, you may feel like you know what you are doing and that you understand yourself enough to be able to train on your own. However, it is always best to seek another perspective when identifying what you're good at and what you’re not at especially if you want to improve your performance. Research has also shown that 80% of athletes mentioned that it takes someone else to observe them so that they can discover their fullest potential.

During group coaching, your coach might not be able to fully catch your actions as they would have to take care of the whole group. However, during private lessons, your tennis coach will have their 100% focus on you. This means that they can fully assess how well you are doing and will be more involved in figuring out what you are good at and what needs to be worked on. With carefully curated private one to one tennis lessons, it is also easier for coaches to pinpoint any of your weaknesses and help you overcome these weaknesses while at the same time improving your strengths!

Reason 3: A Private Tennis Class will help you to set realistic goals

When you practice with a team, you may realise that sometimes, you tend to set ambitious goals for yourself. This may interfere with your process over time. It is very important that you set realistic goals for yourself as it can motivate you further and also ensure that you do not overstretch yourself.

You must be wondering, why can't I train myself then? Of course you can! However, it may not be as efficient as engaging private coaching lessons. This is because, during private sports lessons, coaches would be able to observe you and give you a good understanding of where you stand and how you should progress. Furthermore, in group sessions, everyone would have a different set of goals and expectations for themselves. It is not advisable to base your expectations on someone else’s.

Instead, why not engage a good private tennis coach who can guide you in setting realistic goals for yourself on court through effective training and helping you improve your weak spots? A private tennis coach would know how to motivate you and assist you in reaching your fullest potential.

Reason 4: Fewer Distractions

Group tennis sessions can be highly distracting. This can prevent you from being able to use your time wisely. These type of tennis lessons could have students who progress at different rates with different areas for improvement and varied strength. While group tennis classes are good for exposure, they also tend to hold back those who learn faster and prove to be difficult for others to catch up.

Imagine a session where the group tennis class is focusing on service. You may have a good swing but lacks consistency which requires more practice while one student has trouble finding their rhythm and another may not even be all that interested in tennis. With such differed areas that require work to be done in, you may find yourself in a situation where you are distracted with methods of training that do not suit your needs or people who are not looking for the same outcomes from a tennis lesson as you.

Since private coaching is a one-to-one kind of session, it is usually very peaceful as there are fewer distractions. Our coaches can give you their fullest attention while you focus on your training wholly without the need to be held back by others. You are also less likely to feel self-conscious while moving which will likely help with your motivation too!

Reason 5: Increased Intrinsic Motivation

Since private sessions allow tennis coaches to tailor each lesson to meet your specific needs and find ways to make training suit your specific approach, it can help you improve your intrinsic motivation to train even more. One study has shown that 89% of the attendees of private coaching lessons have admitted that they have improved on their outlook on sports as they are more driven to perform well during their training sessions. The idea that the lessons are completely designed for you coupled with your own sense of progress and achievement tend to motivate you intrinsically. This type of internal motivation is perfect for those who want to see real progress and long-term benefits when it comes to sports like tennis where individual skills need to be honed in order for one to go a long way in the sport.

Further more, the lack of distractions and enhanced self-esteem as a result of more tangible results will surely add to your innate sense of motivation to do better in the sport.

But private tennis lessons are too expensive! What should I do?

As compared to the other private tennis lessons in Singapore, Arrow Sports offers one of the most affordable prices for all. From as low as $80 an hour, you can be privately coached by one of our highly certified coaches and be guaranteed that you get quality sessions that help you through Arrow's very own tennis progression pathway. Arrow also offers various promotions and discounts throughout the year for private tennis sessions so be sure to ask them for their ongoing promotions.

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